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Die wohl berühmtesten Katzen der Welt sind wieder in Österreich und haben ihr Zelt am Urfahranermarkt in Linz aufgeschlagen, um bis zum 1.April auch dort für Katzenjammer á la Andrew Lloyd Webber zu sorgen. Seit Jänner 2011 tourt das in schwarz gehaltene Zelt mit den überdimensional großen Katzenaugen quer durch das deutschsprachige Europa, viele Cast- Wechsel wurden in der Zeit vollzogen. Verständlich, handelt es sich doch um eine physisch äußerst anspruchsvolle Show, die den Darstellern einiges abverlangt. In der Besetzungsliste finden sich dennoch einige, die bereits seit der Hamburger Premiere fester Bestandteil der Tour sind. Einer von ihnen ist Dane Quixall. Was ihn so an CATS begeistert, warum er den Miezekatzen so lang die Treue hält und „who the hell“ er eigentlich ist, wird er im unten folgenden Interview berichten.

Die Jellicle CATS sind also wieder da! Mit allem, was dazugehört. Sei es das von Grizabella angesungene Mondlicht oder dem spärlich ausgestatteten Orchester, das trotz der bescheidenen akustischen Gegebenheiten im Zelt beweist, dass es musikalisch überzeugen kann. Nicht zu vergessen die ach so hochgelobte Rundbühne, welche mit guten und weniger guten Plätzen aufwarten kann. Wer einen Abend im Theaterzelt plant, sollte gewillt sein, einige Euros hinzublättern, da sonst die Sicht dermaßen begrenzt sein kann, dass dem Geschehen auf der Bühne nur fragmenthaft gefolgt werden kann, was dem Ganzen den Zauber nimmt und es noch langatmiger  werden lässt, als einen sonntäglichen Besuch der Schwiegermutter.

CATS beeindruckt vor allem durch die Flut an Tanzszenen, die Kostüme, das Make Up und durch einige Lieder mit Ohrwurmqualität, weniger durch die Handlung. Es ist mehr eine Aneinanderreihung von einzelnen, für sich zumeist allein stehenden Geschichten, die mehr schlecht als recht eine stimmige Erzählstruktur erschaffen. CATS zeigt, dass auch ohne großartig durchdachte Handlung, ohne stramm gespannten dramaturgischen Bogen, Musical charmant, unterhaltsam und an der ein oder anderen Stelle auch ergreifend sein kann, ohne gleich banal und einfältig zu wirken.

G.: Who the hell is DANE QUIXALL? Tell the readers something about you!

D.Q.: Dane Quixall is a boy from manchester, who saw the video from CATS ( yes, the video showing my age now), and watched it every night religiously, and learnt the show and dreamed that one day he would be in it.

G.: You are Swing, Cover Alonzo, Coricopat, Mr. Mistoffelees, Pouncival, Skimbleshanks, Tumblebrutus. Looks like, you are very important for the show?

D.Q.:  Swings on this show are so important- I thought, I would be backstage all the time just waiting to get on. But with injuries and holidays I play about 5 shows a week. Which is perfect, we do 8 shows a week- and this is so tiring, especially at the weekend, when you have to do double shows. We dance and sing for over 16 hours a week! Imagine, asking someone to jog on a treadmill every day, for over 2 hours.

G.: You are from england, played several shows there, also in the famous west end of london. What was the reason, for doing CATS in a different language?

D.Q.:  I would have gone to the other side of the world to perform in CATS- I’m very lucky, I get to do this amazing production in the wonderful tent. The stage is huge, we have audience all around, which is great, but it also makes you have to work a lot harder- more space to crawl and cover, and no where to hide.

G.: How did you learn the german lines, and, more important, which is your favorite german german word?

D.Q.: I actually spend hours and hours trying to learn the script, it’s so difficult to remember words that you don’t know!!! So I used to repeat songs over and over and play them, as I was falling to sleep and during. The next morning I would open my mouth, and the songs would be there. Strange but true! I don’t have a favorite word but my first german phrase was: “ ZURUCK BLEIBEN BITTE“, as this was said over and over again on the trains in our frist venue in Hamburg.

G.: The tour is coming to an end. You have played in different cities in germany, austria and switzerland! Is a musical tour on the continent as sucessfull as in the UK?

D.Q.: I guess, if its a good show, the audience will appreciate it everywhere. The audiences do differ from city to city. Some audience don’t smile, some don’t really applauded, some go crazy from the beginning. But usually at the end, everyone is clapping.

G.: How difficult is it, to become a cat?

D.Q.: Its quite difficult, as cats make everything look easy. Their bodies don’t need to be warmed up and stretched like ours. They never look tired or out of breath, they can twist themselves in any position and sleep in akward positions etc.( all things, that we try and do during the show), and they are elegant, graceful, and make very little noise.


©Dane Quixall

G.: Let’s talk about the term SWING! What exactly is a swing, what are your duties?

D.Q.: A SWING is basically and understudy, but I guess, as it usually understudies the ensemble members, who nearly do all the same, the name changed to swing. Although on CATS, everyone is doing something different. Different CATS interact with each other, depending on age, range, sex etc. There is a lot of free stuff in CATS, but when it comes to the dances, you really need to know, which line you re in and which cat to follow or watch for- so you don’t kick them, or they don’t hit you. When i’m not on stage, i’m backstage singing in the booth, or watching the show to refresh my memory of a certain cat, who i might not have played for a while.

G.: CATS is a very physical show, you need to be in a very good condition. What’s the secret, or is there any secret, behind trainings, work out and ongoing rehearsals?

D.Q.: Everyone’s body is different- so each person needs different things. I now know, what I need, to do warm up for this show and to get trough it. I warm up well, and stretch a lot and take care of myself with baths, and physio, when I need it.

G.: As I said before, you cover many different roles in the show. Is there a favorite part of yours, and why?

D.Q.: I love playing MUNGOJERRY- he get’s to do it all. He has a number, which is one of  the hardest numbers in the show. To be singing while kicking your legs, or turning a girl upside down, while trying to sing in a foreign language and be a cat at the same time, is a bit of a challenge. I guess because he is a character, I love trying new things and playing opposite different RUMPLETEAZERS is also interesting!

G.: What are your plans after finishing the tour? Are you heading back to england?

D.Q.: I have no plans at the moment, for after the show closes. I want to be a part of this show for 15 years, and now I’ve just done two and a half years and over 600 shows- I think I’m going to enjoy the summer, and everything after this is a bonus:-)

G.: When the tour stopped in vienna, former home  from the very fist german production, how was the, lets say, historical influence? Did they tell you about the special  relationship between CATS, VIENNA and Prof. PETER WECK, former director from the Vereinigten Bühnen Wien, and now patron from the tour?

D.Q.: I did lot’s of promos for the show, going to different cities and having the press, photographed us together- so I knew of him. We were told, how Peter ( Weck) brought CATS to Vienna, and how important he was to the people. He is a lovely man and is always happy to see the show.

G.: For sure, each city is different, and very special in its own way. Share at least one impression from the tour life!

D.Q.: In nearly every city we have been to, the people have been very friendly. Whats nice about this show is, everyone has heard of it. You only have to say: “ I’M IN CATS“, and people smile and start chatting. Its lovely.

G.: That was a lot about CATS. Let’s talk about the musical theatre and its ongoing changes. There are many jukebox musicals, there is even a musical with SPICE GIRL songs currently playing in the west end, many musicals are adapted from movies. In your opinion, is this really what audiences want, or is it more about the money, than about  a heartbreaking story, ore some catchy songs?

D.Q.: I guess, its easier to sell tickets to something that people already know, they like. I f you re going to spend a hundred of euros on a ticket- you really want value for money. I totally understand that. I am not saying, that they are the best shows, but they are money makers, and that’s SHOW BUSINESS.

G.: As you know, this blog is very fresh, is there something you want to say about it as your final words?

D.Q.: A huge thank you to Martin for asking me to do the interview. And to anyone who want’s to be in musicals- follow your dreams. But be critical with yourself and keep learning. YOU CAN ALWAYS GET BETTER!

Vielen Dank an Dane Quixall für seine Zeit, aber vor allem für seine Schlussworte. Genau diese sollte sich so manch einer zu Herzen nehmen und an den Badezimmerspiegel heften, um jeden Tag aufs Neue daran erinnert zu werden!

CATS verweilt bis 1. April in Linz, zieht dann weiter nach Frankfurt, um anschließend die Tour entgültig in Graz zu beschließen!

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